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Tansi Tecnho was started with an intension of providing IT services by following atmost professionalism and delivering defect free solutions for various organizations depending on their requirements and budget. At Tanisi Techno, we provide IT services which mainly includes Salesforce CRM customizations and maintenance, Code Conversions, Code refactoring , Salesforce CRM project development and, Testing. We ensure all the projects developed here at Tanisi Techno are delivered bug free and provide customer support whenever and wherever required.

       WebSite Developement 

         Code Conversion

         Code Refactoring

   Salesforce CRM Projects

We perform code coversions for current working projects or very old projects depending on the target language the origanization needs.
We would ensure that the project after code conversion is thoroughly tested by our testing team.
We refactor the existing code by cleaning it and writing comments where ever necessary.
We also write documentations for projects that need one along with test results after our Testers have tested it thoroughly.

Tanisi Techno provides seamless Salesforce integration for your company's unique needs. Even custom applications can be
developed and integrated to serve on the Salesforce.com cloud

We supply custom-built Websites, Web applications, Web Services and for all kinds of businesses. We develop and deliver database driven projects too. Our approach is to incorporate all the features requested along with following the organizations goals.

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